Upcoming Speaking Engagements


May 3rd - IAPP Global Privacy Summit

I'll share my insights on "Digital Identification, Privacy, and Economic Development." Details here.

May 2nd - IAPP Global Privacy Summit

I'll share my perspective on how blockchain technology will transform data privacy. Details here.

April 13th - Yale Blockchain Initiative

I'll be participating in a political, social & economical inquiry into the impacts of blockchain technology as part of the Tsai Center's Yale Blockchain Initiative.

April 3rd - Future Law at Stanford Law School

I'll be presenting at CodeX at Stanford Law School on issues at the intersection of law & distributed ledger technologies; key elements and concepts to understand for serving current and upcoming business & client use-cases, and legal issues, risks, & opportunities. Agenda here.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Campbells Fund Focus


Blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning may be with us to stay, but what are the social impacts and implications for society?  Check out my keynote address on blockchain & social impact at the Campbells Fund Focus 2018.

Future of Privacy Forum


What are the privacy implications of blockchain-enabled self-sovereign identity? I presented a product overview and a live demo to consumer privacy experts as part of the Future of Privacy Forum's Consumer Business Dialogue to find out.

New America


I presented on self-sovereign identity and participated in a panel discussion at New America in conjunction with the publication of a new report from the Future of Property Rights called, The Nail Finds a Hammer: Self-Sovereign Identity, Design Principles, and Property Rights in the Developing World.

UK Parliament


On October 16th, I appeared at the U.K. Houses of Parliament to give evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain on the impact of blockchain on people, focusing specifically on identity, data protection, and privacy, video here.

ID2020 Summit


I recently participated in a panel with Kim Cameron of Microsoft, Niall McCann of UNDP, and Vyjayanti Desai of the World Bank at the 2018 ID2020 Summit on the question of: "How can national ID systems complement a user-centric approach to identity?"

MyData Conference 2018


My keynote address at the MyData Conference in Helsinki focused on the question of whether the new regulation (i.e. the GDPR) is already old in terms of technological advances such as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Find out more here.

Pior Speaking Engagements

Blockchain for Social Impact Conference


Columbia SIPA


dApp Dev Kiev


EU Commission


Internet of Agreements


Vanderbilt SOLI Conference